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 We have a highly qualified technical team, more than 80% of our designers have more than five years of work experience, and many designers are technical backbone that transferred up from the first-line,so they have deep expertise about the research and development of plastic products and molds, they use international advanced  CAD (computer aided design) / CAM (computer aided manufacturing) / CAE (computer aided engineering) / CAPP (computer aided process), and PLM product lifecycle management systems which ensure each stage has countermeasures for the product from initial development to final volume production molding. We have ERP management system, it can easily master the state of the parts to ensure the mold and product satisfied the period according to parts' unique bar code.

[1]product design:

    Our designers can design products according to customer requirements, design the graphic based on drawings, and can also make reverse analysis based on the product model. The product design copyright belongs to the customers, all at the same time our designers can help customers point that products in the production which size is diffcult to guarantee or modified according to their mold design capabilities. The customers can transform in accordance with the recommendations of our designers, minimizing the risk of production forming from the early stage of product design.

[2]CAD mold design:
We have had a well-run mold design standard of plastic and die design through 10 years experience. We ensure every stage of the project has its corresponding item from the initial to the finalvolume production molding through the use of TS16949, APQP tools, set up the CFT group. Our mold design using international advanced CAD 3D design software, interface corresponds with international 3D standard, such as Step, Stp, Igs, Iges x_t, x_b and Prt. We also reached a long-term cooperation agreement with the well-known two-dimensional software companies so that we can successfully identify various versions of the 2D document such as Dwg, Dxf, Igs.

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