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Quanlity system instruction:
     We regard product quality as the life, the establishment and improvement of the quality system is the most important thing. In order to ensure the quality of the product to achieve the goal of zero defects, we gradually improve the internal quality system guided by our general manager since 2003. With continuous efforts, we have passed the audit of the major world-class manufacturers, TS16949 and ISO9001 certification.

[1] The quality policy: people foremost, product quality as the core, standardize management, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction as the goal.

[2]quality organization
     Our QC has two parts, one is QC1, and the other is QC2, which makes our management

[3] The following picture shows how we make sure our system goes, according to two systems and three activities. It starts from customer require and end with customer satisfaction.

[4] Supplier quality control and management
      Perfect quality derive from the material, supplier quality assure is important to product quality.

[5] According to MSA, ensure the steadiness of people, machine, material, method and measurement in the production, which is the basis of good quality.


 High precision equipments are the assurance of high quality, such as auto Zeiss CMM.

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